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    Post by STAR on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:17 pm


    Channeling is the ability to talk directly and receive messages from Spirit, Passed loved ones, Spirit guides, guardian angels and others from the Spirit realm , by a Medium or Psychic who have the ability to Channel.

    A Psychic Medium can often see images from Spirit by using his/her clairvoyant skills and/or clair-audient skills (hearing messages from Spirit). Channeling is usually conducted via a séance. A séance is basically just a meeting of the Psychic Medium, and members of the Spirit world. Messages from Spirit are passed or channeled via the Psychic Medium to the person in a séance.
    Psychic Mediums are often asked to contact a specific passed loved one and to ask them very specific questions. Unfortunately, even the very best Psychic Mediums cannot guarantee that a certain Spirit will communicate with them and use them as a Channel to pass on messages and give validation to the living.
    A good Psychic Medium will relay exactly on what they hear, see, and feel without tainting the messages with their own personal views, opinions. A Psychic Medium cannot control who comes through from the other side and what messages are received. Many can be disappointed if they expect their loved one and they get someone or something else.
    Unexpected and even unwanted Spirits can come through and their messages channeled by the Psychic Medium. Most times a good Psychic Medium will connect with someone the Person is interested in, but even then the messages may not seem terribly important and in some ways trivial.
    Channeling can be very dangerous. it takes years to get the skills up to control Unwanted spirits...

    The Power is Within You! Knowledge is Power!!!!
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