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    ESP E(xtra)S(ensory) P(erception)


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    ESP E(xtra)S(ensory) P(erception)

    Post by STAR on Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:57 pm


    ESP stands for E(xtra)S(ensory) P(erception) NOUN: Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses. and it covers many psychic abilities.
    People with E.S.P can have a range of Psychic ability including hearing, seeing, sensing and empathy.
    Extra sensory perception can be explained as perceiving, receiving and interpreting Psychic information that is not available to the normal five senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.
    E.S.P can be termed as the sixth sense.
    Practitioners of ESP can use a range of gifts and talents that include telepathy which is mind-to-mind communication,
    precognition which is the ability to view events before they happen ,
    retrocognition which is the ability to view past events
    and psychometry which is the ability to gain Psychic information from touching an object.

    Where Do I get this information? Experience, Books and the internet.
    I Research Research Research... Knowledge is Power!!!!

    The Power is Within You! Knowledge is Power!!!!
    )☼( ★ Brightest Blessings!!! ★ )☼(
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