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    Psychic Attacks and Protection


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    Psychic Attacks and Protection

    Post by STAR on Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:16 pm

    Psychic Attacks and Protecting Yourself

    Psychic Attacks and Dark Negative Energies

    Psychic attacks are defined as the manipulation of supernatural energies and

    forces. Psychic attacks occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are

    sent from one individual to another individual or place creating disturbances in

    the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place. This negative energy

    can be called a spirit, an entity, a thought form or a dark negative energy.

    Each of these energies can create harmful effects within the person receiving


    Not everything that's considered difficult in a persons life is the result of

    a psychic attack, but psychic attacks do happen and they happen more often today

    than ever before. You will hear some people say that negative energies and

    psychic attacks don't exist and cannot happen if you don't believe in them or

    give them energy by paying attention to them.
    This is not true. Problems can and

    do happen as a result of negative energies and psychic attacks.

    Mother Earth and all of us who live on her are surrounded by many mysterious,

    supernatural and beautiful energies, including intelligent energies, angels and

    guides. We are affected by the energies of all the planets including the Sun,

    the Moon, other planets, asteroids and stars. At the same time we are also

    exposed to many negative energies, entities, spirits and intelligent energies

    which can affect us in so many different ways.
    Psychic Attacks - What Are They?

    Psychic attacks involve the manipulation and movement of different types of

    dark energies, entities and spirits. Some of the

    dark energies Others are sent intentionally to create harm and damage, often to

    control, manipulate or punish the individual. They can involve ritualistic

    techniques or ceremonies or use the psychic powers of the mind or a combination

    of both.

    It's difficult for anyone to penetrate an aura that is healthy and strong.

    Auras are weakened by repressed emotions, negative emotions, through the regular

    use of drugs and alcohol, through smoking cigarettes and a variety of diseases.

    Therefore the care and protection of your energetic body is as important as the

    physical body so you can repel psychic attacks and stay strong and healthy.

    Intentional Psychic Attacks

    The dark and negative energies sent intentionally by others are called

    psychic attacks and can seriously affect humans and animals at a physical,

    emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

    Dark Spirits and Entities

    There are dark spirits and entities that can move into physical bodies and

    auras affecting what people think, speak, do, desire, and feel. The human who is

    invaded by these spirits or entities can take on the physical attributes,

    illnesses and behavior of the spirit or entity occupying the person to such a

    degree that there appears to be a complete personality change.

    Negative Thought Forms

    Another major type of dark negative energy that can be sent to others is

    through negative thinking, anger, wishing harm to others, jealousy, animosity,

    seeking revenge, vindictiveness, or other forms of thought that are based in

    anger, rage and fear. These are called thought forms and they can be lodged in a

    persons body or various layers of their auras causing a wide range of physical,

    emotional, mental and spiritual difficulties.
    Can We Draw Dark Energies To Ourselves?

    We definitely can draw dark energies, entities and spirits into ourselves

    without any influence whatsoever from external sources. Prolonged states of

    anger, rage, resentments, bitterness, vindictiveness, and many types of fears,

    will draw and attract these negative energies. It's normal to get angry or

    fearful when things happen in our lives. These occurrences do not draw the dark

    side in to us. It's the long-term and prolonged states that set up the energetic

    . Ongoing repressed negative emotions can eventually turn into a

    certain type of entity/poltergeist.

    Violence of all types, physical, emotional and mental is a very powerful draw

    for negative and dark types of energies. The regular use of drugs and alcohol

    also draws these types of energies. Now one glass of wine is a social habit and

    does not affect our energy fields. However, when we become drunk, be it from

    alcohol or drugs, our auras becoming weakened substantially and negative

    invaders are attracted to the energy set up by this state. Smoking also greatly

    weakens the energy field and leaves us very vulnerable to negative influences.

    Symptoms of Psychic Attacks and Dark Energies

    There are many different symptoms that can indicate negative and dark psychic

    energies, spirits or entities. The following list identifies a few major

    symptoms. But these symptoms can also indicate other types of health problems

    and it's important to investigate all possibilities.

    • Suddenly acting totally out of character
    • Major changes in behavior for no reason
    • A loss of memory
    • Major changes in clarity of thinking or analytical ability
    • Sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason
    • A drained feeling
    • Icy cold feeling on part or all of your body
    • Hearing someone's voice regularly
    • Hearing voices
    • Recurrent or frequent nightmares
    • Strange or recurring accidents
    • Feeling someone is watching you
    • A discomfort or fear in a specific room or area in your home or office
    • A

      loss of self-confidence
    • A sudden loss of energy
    • Sudden illnesses that

      elude diagnosis
    • Sudden illnesses that cannot be explained
    • Feeling someone

      touch you or bump into you when nobody is present
    • Sensing a presence ·

      Sensing a large pair of eyes watching you or following you
    • Sudden or

      irrational difficulties with finances or relationships
    • Imagining monsters,

      animals or frightening shadows
    • Sudden depression without an apparent cause ·

      Seeming ongoing bad luck
    • Visions or hallucinations
    • Irrational fear, anger

      or sorrow
    • A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won't go away

    This is not a complete list but should give you a fairly good idea of areas

    to look at in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual areas. If you are not certain please consult

    with an experienced energy worker knowledgeable in identifying and clearing

    energies from different types of psychic attacks and dark energies.
    Sex and Negative Energies

    It's important to look at sex as an exchange of energies, entities and

    potential vulnerability rather than from a moral perspective. When you have sex

    with another human being you absorb their very essence mixing it with your own

    essence. You literally absorb their good stuff as well as their bad stuff.

    If you have sex with someone who has negative energies, entities or spirits,

    it is almost guaranteed that some of this negative energy will be transferred

    into your body and/or aura through the physical act of sex. It's very important

    to ensure you want to absorb the very essence and energetic elements of the

    other person before having sex with that person. The more sex partners you have,

    ensures the greater diffusion of your own very special essence. It amounts to

    not being quite yourself anymore.

    Be careful of the company you

    How To Eliminate Psychic Energies

    There are a variety of methods available for eliminating dark and negative energies, entities, spirits, and thought forms. The following will give you many ideas of things you can do to help yourself. It will also help you to ask an energy worker the right questions if you need help to eliminate energies through psychic attacks.

    What's important is to know how to clear and protect yourself and your home.

    The following are a number of methods you can use, normally in combination,

    to ensure you get clear and remain clear. There is no perfect solution. What someone could need would depend on the

    power and strength of the dark energy, and the present state

    of the individual who has absorbed this energy.
    Smudging With White Sage - I Use This Every Sunday Or when The Need Arises.

    Smudging with white sage is an ancient custom method for clearing unwanted energies. You can purchase dried white sage in a variety of shops today or you can grow and dry your own white sage. ( Do Not plant White sage Near Home Or From a Transplant, I've Found it to be Bad Luck)

    It's important to clear yourself each day To Start With and to clear your home and car at least once a week as a normal maintenance procedure. Today most people are exposed to many negative energies in their workplaces, in stores, restaurants, and almost anywhere they go. Anyone can pick up negative energies by just
    walking around. (is why I Always Carry a Talisman with me)
    People who work in close quarters with others, and this includes teachers, nurses, physicians, therapists, factory workers, energy workers, office workers etc., need to smudge and clear daily.
    Some of the negative energy carried in one persons aura can easily flip into your own aura, eventually causing illness.
    Daily smudging is a powerful clearing tool to use on yourself and your office to keep your energy field clear of "accidental" energy transfers. Unfortunately, this is normally insufficient for "intentional" psychic attacks.

    To smudge just do the following. Take a bowl about 4 or 5 inches in diameter and place a few inches of sand to cover the bottom of the bowl and to protect the bowl from heat. Place a few leaves of white sage on the sand and light the ends or edges of the leaves. Once the leaf is flaming well, blow out the flame and
    leave the leaf to smoke. This smoke is what is called smudging. Or If
    you do not like The smoke (Best way to rid of Energy is Smoke) Use a
    Sage Candle With Real Sage Leaves inside it.)
    Pass the smoke over your head and all around you a number of times. If you are smudging your home, close all the windows and doors and pass the bowl with leaves smoking around each room, into corners, up to ceiling corners, and into closets and cupboards. Leave the doors and windows closed for a few hours. This smudging can dissolve or eliminate many negative and dark energies, entities and
    spirits from your home.
    Be careful Doing this. Watch out for Smoke Alarms and Make sure You Do not Breath in the Smoke to much.

    Also Be careful with how you Cleanse Your Area/home
    You Could Get rid of Spirits and Guides trying to aid You in your path.

    Read More about this in my other post.

    The Power is Within You! Knowledge is Power!!!!
    )☼( ★ Brightest Blessings!!! ★ )☼(
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