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    Being Green


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    Being Green

    Post by STAR on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:19 pm

    Being Green

    We’re becoming increasingly aware of
    what it means to be ‘green’. The ways in which mankind has polluted,
    exploited and destroyed many aspects of nature, the oceans and the earth
    itself is simply despicable. Only now, it seems that people are forced
    to think about ‘green issues’ and are beginning to realist the
    consequences of actions they have taken.
    The environmental impact we
    have made collectively and individually raise ethical questions of
    respect and responsibility to all life. People are being forced to think
    about their personal carbon footprint and about the ways they live
    every aspect of their lives. We’re thinking about the transport we take,
    the energy sources we use and misuse, the suffering we cause to others
    because of our personal greed and the treatment of animals and
    destruction of their habitats.
    More and more people are also
    rejecting consumerism and personal excess, eating organic foods, taking
    the holistic view to their own health and accepting personal

    The Power is Within You! Knowledge is Power!!!!
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