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    Blessed Mabon!


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    Blessed Mabon!

    Post by STAR on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:03 pm


    quick info on what Mabon is:

    The Sabbat of Mabon at the Fall Equinox
    Mabon, The Autumn Equinox.
    It is a harvest festival that is known as the Witches' Thanksgiving.
    It's also a time to thank our ancestors for making us who we are.
    Mabon is 23 September (Northern Hemisphere)
    and 20 March (Southern Hemisphere).

    The Sabbat of Mabon is time of harmony marking the beginning of the turning within for inner spiritual work over the winter.

    Decorate your home and/or alter with the colors burgundy, orange, brown and purple. Use bunches of dried herbs, sunflowers, autumn leaves, acorns potatoes and Indian corn in your décor.

    Invite friends and family over for a feast.

    Honor family ancestors by recalling stories of those who have gone before us and looking at old photographs.

    This is a time to celebrate wine making. Take a tour of a local winery or make your own.

    Since this is a harvest festival, collect food to donate to a food bank so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a "harvest". Thanksgiving isn't just about saying "thank you", it's also important to give back for all you've received in life.

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